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Machine Control Systems
* for precision control of Fluid Power
Taylor-Westerfield, Inc., has completed 40 years of continuous service to industry. Through the years, T-W --designed and --built pneumatic control systems and equipment have played a major role in manufacturing and similar industries. Increased awareness of the advantage of utilizing air cylinders and miniature logic controls for more and more low-cost automation applications has resulted in a fast growing demand for pneumatic components and complete control systems.
* total system responsibility
To meet this increasing demand, Taylor-Westerfield, Inc. offers a full design and manufacturing service. This comprehensive service provides our customers with the facility to overcome most automation problems that might be encountered -- regardless of the application.

In addition to this service, Taylor-Westerfield, Inc. is also able to offer our "PRE-PACKAGED" systems in pneumatic control. Quite simply, this means that our customers are able to get a faster delivery on their new system -- fully tested and ready to install -- at a lower cost.

Basically, it is a service to pneumatic equipment users for the design and construction of complete cabinet enclosed pneumatic control systems. A single source for cabinet, controls and equipment means that a system can be built exactly to the specific user requirements. Following discussions on your requirements, the complete enclosed control system will be delivered on a specific data fully tested and ready for immediate installation and use. Taylor-Westerfield also provides a comprehensive system installation service to relieve the customer of all the pneumatic control problems.

Taylor-Westerfield's qualified applications design staff is always available for advice on the best utilization of our wide range of products and systems. Depending on requirements, we are also able to provide detailed control design and layouts for combined pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical circuits.
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Machine Control Systems

Full design, manufacture and installation of complete control systems utilizing air cylinders and miniature logic controls for low-cost automation applications...
Heating / Ventilating Systems

Designed and built for your ventilation, fume removal, cooling, air supply or exhaust applications; equipment sales; installation; repair...
Dust/Smoke/Fume Control

Complete systems designed and stalled; equipment sales; repair; collectors, scrubbers, draft & canopy hoods, eliminators...
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Repair Center
When your air tools, motors,
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