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Heating & Ventilating - Equipment, Sales
*   Industrial Fans and Blowers
Propeller Fans and Wall Ventilators are designed for general ventilation, fume removal, cooling, air supply or exhaust applications.

Roof Ventilators are designed as packaged units, ready for installation. Models available for exhaust or fresh air intake.

Cool Blast Fans are ideal for cooling personnel or equipment, smoke diffusion, product cooling and insect dissipation.

Duct & Duct Axial Fans are designed for moving contaminated air through a process duct system. Duct fans are best suited for applications from 0" to 1 1/4" S.P. Duct Axial fans are efficient at pressures from 1" to 4" S.P.

Vaneaxial Blowers are designed for clean air applications with pressures up to 10" S.P. Available in fixed or adjustable pitch.

Centrifugal Fans are designed to meet general industrial air moving and pneumatic conveying requirements. These "work horse" units are suited for material conveying, dust and fume removal and handling of hot air and industrial gases. Modifications include operating temperatures of 800 degrees F.
* Galvannealed steel construction.
* Heavy-duty all stainless steel construction.
* Corrosion-resistant fiberglass construction.
*   Exhaust Fans in Stock
Exhaust hot stagnant air for your employees' comfort.
Panel Wall Fans Duct & Duct Axial Fans
Upblast Roof Ventilators Industrial Exhausters
Cool Blast & Utility Fans Pressure Blowers
Hartzell Industrial Quality -- Available from "HRS" Stock
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Machine Control Systems

Full design, manufacture and installation of complete control systems utilizing air cylinders and miniature logic controls for low-cost automation applications...
Heating / Ventilating Systems

Designed and built for your ventilation, fume removal, cooling, air supply or exhaust applications; equipment sales; installation; repair...
Dust/Smoke/Fume Control

Complete systems designed and stalled; equipment sales; repair; collectors, scrubbers, draft & canopy hoods, eliminators...
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Equipment Sales & Installation  
Equipment Sales
Pneumatic & hydraulic equipment,
industrial fans, blowers,
valves, air cylinders ...
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Repair Center  
Repair Center
When your air tools, motors,
cylinders and valves quit working,
do not throw them away...
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